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The Energy Sessions

Purpose Reading

Despite knowing that you have so much to be grateful for, deep inside there’s a feeling that something missing in your life — then you’re most likely not living your highest purpose. If you’re doing a lot of the things that society suggests are “right,” but you still feel that something is wrong — that’s probably a sign that you’re “off purpose.” When you’re Living On Purpose, you’re entirely fulfilled because you’re living a life engulfed in personal meaning mind, body and soul. Health and Energy Wellness 101.

Energy Consultation

Inverted and negative energy may leave symptoms of Illness, sickness and disease the mind vexing the sprit and eventually manifesting itself through the physical body. If energy around you is radiating and is positive, it very possible you living close to your purpose and not know it. Purpose reading will address these issues of wear you are in your life and will help you to make the necessary changes to get back on track. Health and Energy Wellness 101.

Imprint Cleansing

From life beginning, we all haves our imprints, some healthy some unhealthy, secrets stored away in Pandora box spiraling around in the back ground of our minds accumulating and accelerating itself into our personality as though some other persons is living alongside us, Who is it? Where did it come from? and How did I get here? some memories good some not so good. Cleansing of the Auras energy field is highly recommended our clients recommends it with immediate results from the first session.

Energy Restoration

Do you miss your baby light (life) clean, pure and fully charge, and (aura) Electrically Magnetically charge field fully balanced and polarized experiencing life once again, creating new thought of consciousness oneness with nature, The power to not only to live in our purpose but live in balance with it, Mind, Body and Soul and Energy Restoration and Chakra cleansing is a major part of the restoration process. Health and Energy Wellness 102.

Anger Management
What is Anger Management? Anger management is the cycle therapeutic program for anger prevention and Energy Control it has been described as the point of losing the ability to control the vibrational frequencies within yourself. After completions of this workshop a person will benefit and understand how to micromanage their own internal feelings so they can operate successfully and their community in relationship and within their families.
Sound Healing

Sound Healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man. We are now realizing how powerful sound can be when used for healing.  The principles of sound healing – resonance, entrainment and intention, the healing power of the voice, harmonics and musical intervals, chant and rhythm.  Scientific research is unique towards the power of healing that is contained in our voices. When we sing we resonate every cell in our body. Sound healing offers us all the possibility of a drug free way of treating pain and illness as well as a way of tuning ourselves to the Divine. 

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are dynamic energy pockets, 4-6 inches in diameter that control and energize the vital organs of our body both physical as well as mental. To empower and enervate our lives, these chakras need to be cleansed, nurtured, and enhanced.  The chakras are subtle energy centers located on the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are seven major chakras positioned vertically along the spinal cord a healthy Chakras System is and interacting system that allows us to understand and measure the Who, What, Where and How question in our lives, our purpose can be reached in this energy system.   

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