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Mrs. Eve

Mrs. Eve has always showed compassion for those in pain she always felt that she could bring healing through music and sound once her husband started providing healing through his healing ministry "Energy Session 4u" (Chakra Balancing Polarity and Tuning Fork Services) she once again found another unique gift with tuning forks and crystal singing bowls through (sound vibration).


Her specialized technique to the human bio-field (aura field) brings healing through sound waves as a vibration. Once their technique is applied to the person Aura (bio-field) her husband balances the  Chakra System, together they has the ability to bring complete balance and healing whereby the individual will experience the total completed bliss with and immediate results bringing Mental, Spiritual and Physical balance with Clarity and Spiritual oneness and awareness, a wonderful experience. 


Sound and Practitioner

International Anointed Ministry

Ordained Elder: International Anointed Ministries

Certified Anger Management Specialist CAMS 1


Geminiah is a Master Chakra Balancer & Energy Practitioner with over 15 years specialized experience in balancing and tuning all 26 Chakra Frequencies and their Polarities (magnetic fields).  His expertise includes opening any closed Chakras and resetting the backward spinning direction of those Chakras Centers.  This process releases years of accumulated stress and toxins in the body that prevents individuals from sustaining their natural productive energy levels.  Geminiah also has extensive experience in increasing the Vibration of the Auras by using crystals to raise the Auric magnetic field, thereby empowering individuals to utilize their creative abilities through the Laws of Attraction.


After years of study and application, Geminiah has perfected the Chakra Balancing & Energy System.  Geminiah’s clients come from all walks of life with reported conditions of Trauma, Insomnia, Headaches, Low Self Esteem, Stress, Writers Block, Inability to Focus, Strokes, Joint pain, and other ailments.  Geminiah has experienced a significant number of successes with his clients reporting improved mental, physical and emotional health, as well as increased creativity and prosperity.


Available as a speaker and Chakra Balancer & Energy Practitioner

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