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Health and Energy Wellness 

Natural Way Of Combating Disease, Illness and Sickness  

Feel the Healing Sensation and Experience The Energy of the Chakras

Energy Session 4u was founded upon the idea that every human being is born with natural rights to a life of balance that functions in harmony with creation. Successful living demands that each person shed’s patterns of thinking, feeling and being which no longer serve their highest good. Any individual who has lived a little or a lot of life on earth knows that balance and harmony requires conscious attention and effort.


Generally, balance and harmony is only achieved when one is capable of identifying the root cause of imbalance and discord in their day- to-day life experiences. Energy Session 4u intends to assist individuals, communities and the world at large how to consciously create balance and harmony by recognizing that underlining cause of all things is energy, frequency and vibration.

The Energy Sessions

Our Rates are Private:  Along with all Follow-up session.

We provide a Chakra Test as part of the Energy Consultation, in-which we make available to the Public.. The fees are $125.00 per hour and the sessions can last from 45min. to an hour once the session is complete we can discuss if this service will be the right fit for you. 

Purpose Reading

Energy Consultation

Imprint Cleansing

Energy Restoration

Anger Management

Sound Healing

Chakra Balancing


What Clients Say

“I just had a session with Geminiah and Mrs. Eve. I sufferd from depression resulting to insomnia and sleep deprivation after the session I am amazed, my mind is so clear thank you I'm please...”

Maria Philton

Rock Balancing

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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